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IE Tab and UnMHT Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles


Just thought I should let you know, UnMHT viewer breaks if IE Tab add-on is enabled. I've emailed the IE Tab developer.

All in all, loving UnMHT especially the saving of multiple MHT files

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Personas Plus

Why i stopped using Personas Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

I was a huge fan of Personas until my rotator stopped working and I find it increasingly difficult to customize it after each upgrade/update, I have to be logged in to get my switching/rotating function to work and then the final straw is when some users submit their themes that has their own photo or name in them, shouldn't someone be rejecting these type of themes or sending it back to whoever submitted them. Why do I want to see someone else's photo in the theme and on a foxkeh theme at that? I can understand artwork or drawing but not photos. Also, is it really necessary to be in the logged in to get your set of favorite themes working, surely there is a way to not having to be logged in to get that working especially for example if I am only after the foxkeh theme or scenery themes for example. Maybe I will give Personas a try again very later in the future, for the meantime, I am sticking to my scribbles theme.

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