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Tree Style Tab

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My title says enough, great add-on! One thing I wish they would do tho, is to have colorization of tab groups like the older 3.x FF (forget it's name) tab organizer had. Also, bold the current tab that is active would be very nice too. Outstanding job getting this to work so nicely with FF!

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Tab Kit 2nd Edition

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Just wondering how come feature from Tab Highlighter that were in TK-Plus were left out needing a second extension? Even just adding a simple bold active tab would be extremely nice to have. Also the tab lock was nice so you couldn't accidentally close a tab without having to manually unlock it. Anyways, great work, decided to switch back to FF from chrome in large part to this extension alone!!

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One minor feature that is so so important that a similar app for chrome has but this is missing... Allowing sites to be checked in the background would be a HUGE plus. When you check many sites, having to leave the tabs open just adds more clutter. Plus a restart the same tabs can be monitored until you remove the monitoring.

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