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More important today than ever Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

DownThemAll is wonderful indispensible tool I use all day long in a wide variety of ways. DownThemAll returns essential features the now-lost GetRight once gave to the dial-up era. The surprise today is how these features that have only grown DRAMATICALLY MORE essential and important in today's world of always-on high-speed internet, exactly the opposite of what people (myself included) thought as broadband replaced dial-up. Web servers now cripplingly limit the speed of a single thread; DownThemAll defeats the system by splitting a download up to ten simultaneous sections that it joins when finished. Downloads still die midway and Firefox often fails to notice; we are just as disappointed today when downloads fail to complete as when a broken download meant redialing the phone; DownThemAll satisfies our great desire to resume a disconnected download rather than start again from scratch. The choices of downloads on a page (or group of pages) grow larger daily and DownThemAll gives us the ability to select by RegEx/Grep, file extension by preset category, and more --- and a heavy-duty reliable download manager capable of serious management of massive downloads if necessary. I miss using DownThemAll with the lost Repagination Firefox Extension that knitted webpages split into short pagees (1 of 350, for example) into a single page - DownThemAll then let you pick links from Repagination's huge knitted giant superpage, saving hours of time. I love DownThemAll !!!

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