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Loved it... until it just stopped working Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

I've been using FireFTP for years, it's a quick, reliable tool that satisfies your everyday FTP needs.

Until... a change came up that messed up everything, my fire FTP is now a white lifeless screen. I've seen countless times the message from Mime Čuvalo asking us to modify our "fireFTPsites.dat". It didn't work.

I made a clean install. It didn't work.

I actually made a different new profile just to be sure. It didn't work.

So unable to fix the addon, I have to use 2.0.6 (that version will actually boot). Still, I hope the dev further tests his addon with differente Firefox locales or something. The white screen bug is still there, and it's not (only, at least) related to its own data.

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