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New Tab in Tab Context Menu

Restore the New Tab menu item to the tab contestual menu (Right click on a tab). Powered by Addon-SDK.

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Great idea, I use your extension since last yeaar and it is very useful for me, Thanks for your good work :-)

The only change that I can suggest (only a suggestion) is to make the interface similar to Nostalgy Thunderbird Addons. Instead of opening the dialog box it's, imo, better if suggestion are opened in a menu in Status Bar like nostalgy, no popup.
Another great thing were to create command, for example:
- I press F9, type go and I switch between tabs
- I press F9, I type hs and autocompletion is in history
- I press F9, type bk and autocompletion select result from my bookmarks.

Sorry for my, not well, english.