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Tree Style Tab

Awesome but... Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

It doesn't work with firefox 21.0 ? !
Otherwise an indispensable add-on, thanks!

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.14.2013052901.1-signed). 

Test Results (Selenium IDE)

Doesn't work for loops Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Great idea and module, but sadly it doesnt work with loops ("while" statements - see modules SEL Blocks or Flow), it just shows the results of the last loop.
It would be great if this functionality was added (I can't really use this module for anything because of this problem right now...).

Thanks !

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.17.1-signed.1-signed). 

Find in Frame Hack

So sad Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

So sad it's not compatible with the newest versions of firefox... would deserve a 5 star !

Tab Kit

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Awesomeness included. Same thing, I won't upgrade to FF4 without this module!

Drag & DropZones

Awesome Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Awe-some !!! This is simply awesome. Three small suggestions:
// 1// Make the favicons bigger in the dropping square so we can instantly recognize it (and maybe the writing a little bit bigger too).

// 2// Distinguish what is directly accessible from the contextual menu (by clicking) from all other "contextual actions" items (I didn't even know all that existed, to make the configuration a lot easier.

// 3 // Propose a shortcut keyboard letter to make the grid appear. One could then click on the grid and be redirected to the website without having dropped anything. This could be really useful with dictionnaries for instance, when you're looking for a word, even if it's not present in the page. And with the habit, clicking on the boxes will be quicker that typing in the bar...

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Merci Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Je salue l'initiative, avant-goût du plus gros cataclysme qui pourrait s'abattre sur la liberté d'expression. Le premier pas vers la censure, le google chinois, la dictature. Honte au gouvernement. (Je n'ai pas testé l'application, j'ai peur d'avoir envie d'émigrer).

Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar

Cool idea but still bugged ? Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Really a great idea, but I can't get it to work properly:
- It seems to be not totally compatible with all add-ons... maybe TabKit ?
- You also have to desactivate Smart Bookmarks to get some result.
- I configure it to be displayed on the right side, and it comes on the left.

I'm looking forward to use it ! Thanks !!

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.1).