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Why did you ruin it? Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

Although I loved readitlater, I find pocket a big nuisance. I tried to use it in Chrome and I don't know if it is just me, but it took me a while to find out how to view my saved pages, the button is constantly grey so I don't know if I have already saved a page or not and it keeps logging me out every once in a while and for some reason I cannot use Roboform to log in to the small window that opens when you press the buton to save a page,I have to do it manually. Every time. Also I was pretty dissapointed by the fact that you cannot save your pages for offline reading with one click like it was with readitlater. Oh and my reading list seems to load differently every time, sometimes in order sometimes not, sometimes recently saved pages missing in my unread section, which leaves me wondering (and very frustrated) why the hell they had to go and ruin that wonderful thing that RIL was. And I'm not even taking into account the privacy policy which I have not yet read.

I think everyone who liked this extension or says it is "improved" obviously never used RIL before or not as much as I did. I'd even pay for ReadItLater the way it was before!

Stop trying to oversimplify things, Readitlater was perfect the way it was.... Maybe it's just me but I find Pocket a lot harder to use on Chrome and Mozzila and wish we still had the old version.

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