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Hontôni Arigato Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Thank you very much for having taken a lot of your time for this very useful add-on (as I'm french, I hope you will forgive my japanese and my english).

As I use mainly the middle click to open links and bookmarks, would you mind to consider the idea of adding the feature :
- for middle click on a link, open the link in a new tab as "a child of the current tab" (and maybe a list of choices) ?
Or maybe i didn't read enough carefully the options of TST and it does exist already ?

Another suggestion that I'd like to submit for a future feature (but it's only a suggestion, I'm pretty satisfied with your work to fully trust your judgment), would be to offer the possibility to open 2 columns of tabs at the same time, on right and left of the screen for example. As the screens are becoming larger and larger in width, it could be a way to optimize the display of the tabs in firefox. A button could be placed on the top of each column to select where to place the new opened tabs. A detection of a fast lateral move of the mouse could be detected to send a tab from a column to another. And so on...

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.14.2013052901.1-signed).