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Macintosh White

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Very simple, yet designed to be so easy on your eyes. Thanks for designing this so I can actually read my menus!

Khmer Fonts Package

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Error loading on mobile Firefox version 17. please repair addon. thx

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (0.6). 


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Excellent application that can be used as a stand alone app or as a browser add on. It also supports android devices so you are able to keep up on your feeds wherever you are, and across platforms. I love this program and recommend it to anyone who follows numerous RSS and feeds. EXCELLENT!

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (2.1.3). 

Cluster Tabs for Firefox

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There is a new Beta Application that I found called Tab Cloud that appears to work in a similar fashion as Cluster Tabs. I have downloaded, installed and tried Tab Cloud and am fairly satisfied with the end results. I am, however, very sad that I can't gain access to all my clusters that I created over the past year.

Good luck. Please post if you find any other apps that appear to perform the same as Cluster Tabs.

THANK YOU Cluster Tab developers! What a great product. I hope you do consider re-vamping Cluster Tabs to work with FF4. It is an exceptional concept and you were the forefront in creative design. You are sorely missed...