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Organize Search Engines

Totally broken Pas encore évalué

I was thrilled to find this add-on. What a brilliant idea. After spending 10 minutes neatly organizing my 35 or so search engines into categories, I clicked Okay. Now two of those folders I had made showed up as empty. Some of my search engines had been lost! *sigh* So I went to Mycroft to reinstall the ones I could remember, but Firefox said No, you can not install that search engine because it is already installed. I opened up the Manage Search Engines dialog box to see if I could find the invisible search engines, but I couldn't. So I clicked Cancel, and Firefox crashed! Argh. I relaunched Firefox, opened the Manage Search Engines dialog box again, still missing! I clicked Cancel again, and Firefox crashed again. Argh!!! So it gets uninstalled. What a shame, it was a great idea.

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Dafizilla ViewSourceWith

Better than Mozex Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

ViewSourceWith Works as advertised. I have been a big fan of Mozex, but it's buggy in that the source it sends is different from the source Firefox receives (for example view the source of non-well-formed XHTML). ViewSourceWith, by contrast, correctly presents the original source.

Also ViewSourceWith's "Use in place of native view source" is a great feature (although it seems to fail on pages with post data).

One of the other problems with ViewSourceWith is that many of the features are poorly described, as its author clearly is not a native English speaker. There's no way to be sure how much of the extension I'm missing. But the parts that I do understand work quite well for the most part.

I'd rather use Mozex for view-source, since I need it for textareas and mailto anyway, but until it gets fixed I'll be happy to stay with ViewSourceWith. It's quite useful. I feed my source to Vim, which then automatically parses it through Tidy.

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