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Tab Mix Plus

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This addon is main reason I stick with firefox. If upcoming australis version breaks this and other addons I use, f*ck you m*. Not for the first time, I guess I've to lookup addons to revert to what I wanted to look before.

Now that m* is no longer the upstart, it's stopped listening to its users. Remind anyone you know?

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Super Drag

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QuickDrag has become adware, this is a perfect replacement.

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Download Manager (S3)

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Big thanks for rewriting one of the addons that make this browser great, despite what m* developers are doing to pi** people off.

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Great until youtube started playing 2nd video on the right side of page. Did not appear in IE or Chrome.

Finally discovered it was inserted by this adware. See Settings.

Send Link in context menu

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Why the fu*k does mozilla tinker things that was fine in the last 15 versions?When 'send link' went awol, I thought it was a problem with my machine. If ff didn't have best add-ons in the browser market, I'd left for chrome long time ago.

Space Next

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It actually works, thank you. One of my pet hates is clicking tiny page no. or next arrow in the forums.

If anyone is interested, you can use following script in FireGestures to send space key:

var evt = window.content.document.createEvent("KeyEvents");
false, // holds Ctrl key
false, // holds Alt key
false, // holds Shift key
false, // holds Meta key
false, // presses a special key
" ".charCodeAt(0) // presses a normal key, e.g. "A".charCodeAt(0),

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Copy Plain Text

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With Mozilla's new accelerated rollout of 3 months for each version, I think it is smarter to set maxVersion to 9, no? Or even better, can I change it to more than one digit?

Back/forward dropmarker

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For those who thinks this addon is an unnecessary feature, which is more intuitive to access recent pages:

hold left button for a sec, or click 'right' button, then 'left' button
click 'left' button on visual cue (arrow), then 'left' again to select

I registered just to post this comment. This might be a small thing, but why the change at all?? It reminds me of well-known book about web design, 'Don't make me think!'.

If this was ms, they'd be slammed for this, like the way they redesigned UI in vista/7 for no apparent reason. I digged the snappiness, but I longed for simple interface of xp.