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Review for noscript 10.1.3c1
After fiddling with noscript for a while, I see that noscipt is working for me , and I am beginning to like the new UI, but there are some issues with unexpected behavior.

For instance, if I create a rule to allow an insecure connection to, and then reload the page, my selection will seem to disappear (or revert), but in reality my selection is not shown because there is no insecure connection to so the site remains blocked. It is unexpected to see the rule disappear and block the page and might cause people to think it doesn't work. I also assumed that my insecure rule would automatically allow a secure connection. EDIT: This problem has been fixed with a recent update. Thanks

Also a smaller issue is globally allowing scripts only shows top level domain allowed, instead of showing all allowed domains, similar to how "temporary allow all this page" shows all domains.

Overall I think Giorgio has done good work so far at rewriting noscript, but I think it needs a little more polishing.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (10.1.3c1). 


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Thanks for all that you do for Firefox, especially in Linux, Lovinglinux. FlashVideoReplacer is working well in Kubuntu 10.10 with gecko-mediaplayer and firefox 4.0b6 at Youtube where I watch 90% of my videos. This is a must have addon for me for fullscreen playback of videos. I found out about this addon by reading an article in LinuxJournal. :-)

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.0.5).