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Stinks on Linux Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Keefox auto-updates and that's a problem on Linux. Suddenly all my passwords are inaccessible, because Keefox refuses to work with a slightly older version of KeePass on a fully updated Linux Mint 17.2 Xfce. Come on, that's a recent release, hardly ancient stuff! Apparently Linux users are left in the lurch by this add-on, which is not ready for prime-time. And no, I'm not keen on installing some untrusted PPA just to run KeeFox, either. I've UNINSTALLED this thing and just plan to use Firefox's built-in password support which is good enough. Who knows why KeeFox does the stuff it does? Maybe they want to tempt people into adding an untrusted PPA and falling victim to identity theft and loss of all finances/money/identity due to loss of passwords to bank, mutual fund, company, Facebook et cetera.

Tried to offer feedback or get help on the author's web site, but he's set up some Fort Knox where it is impossible to register and impossible to give feedback without sacrificing one's first born, answering fifty questions and solving the riddle of the Sphinx. Well no thank you, I registered on just fine and had no problems there.

Waste o' time.

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Disable CSS

Works Great in latest version of Firefox 35.0 Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Excellent, eliminates css when it interferes with a browser's functionality


Escape from Password Purgatory Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

KeeFox is the best route for escaping the modern age's Password Purgatory. Who among us does not have twenty-plus passwords to deal with? Keefox keeps things simple. Remember one password, rather than a hundred. It works great and integrates surprisingly well in many different password-protected web sites, including ADP. Note you will need to install and configure an additional program, KeePass.

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Email Security Plus

Allows Active Training of Thunderbird to Filter Spam and Whitelist Friends Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This add-on is a huge improvement over Thunderbird's native junk filter, because it allows one to train Thunderbird over time to actually block entire domains from which Spam originates. I selected all mail in my Junk folder, after verifying it was indeed junk, and then right-clicked and choosing "Block Domain" which will block hundreds or thousands at a time, with a corresponding delay--but I was patient, because good work takes time. This add-on added all those domains to the blacklist, so I will never see their emails again. Also, anytime I receive a junk mail that sneaks past Thunderbird into my "In Box", first I block the domain, then I flag it as Junk in Thunderbird. That is an extremely effective method of eliminating spam. In addition, I loaded the top 1000 spam domains from Spamhaus into the Blacklist, which required a bit of editing using Notepad++, but this add-on allows quite a lengthy blacklist, from what I have observed.

The Whitelist feature, on the other hand, is extremely useful to teach Thunderbird to let certain trusted domains and email addresses through all the time. I use this in conjunction with marking the messages as "Not Junk" whenever Thunderbird mistakenly assumes a friend's message is junk.

Be aware that the user must take a more active role in training using this route, because by blocking domains, of course there is the risk one blocks a domain like from which a lot of legitimate emails derive, such as email from friends. Do inspect and edit the blacklist from time to time. Blocking spam is not an easy proposition and never will be. This is a bit of "Do It Yourself", but on the other hand, most of the investment in time is up front, in the beginning, when blocking domains.

In conclusion, this add-on improves Thunderbird by a factor of about a thousand or so by tuning down the spam noise. I think the functionality should be co-opted by Mozilla and placed into Thunderbird directly.

This morning, I had a great deal of trouble finding this add-on because apparently it is not compatible with version 32.01, although I am using it in version 32.01, so I think Mozilla got their wires crossed or something. I had to Google to find this again.

It's a great tool and not really hard to install if you can follow dee-rections like they teach you in school. Download, then click the gear icon in the top right of Thunderbird's toolbar, and choose "install from file." What could be easier?

Let's hope the Dev remains interested and engaged in this excellent project which is to the benefit of Thunderbird.

Download YouTube Videos as MP4

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Working great in Firefox running in Xubuntu 13.10. No problems! Click on the "Download" folder tab (not button), which is added to the YouTube web page.

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Adblock Plus

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Works great on Firefox on Linux Mint Xfce! Since I kissed Windows goodbye, I haven't missed it thanks to Firefox and its wonderful world of add-ons, which all work great on Linux. AdBlock is the most essential add-on, bar none. I do not use any other ad blocker other than the best and most popular and righteous one and that is this one.

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Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I'm so tired of these losers that give bad reviews because they cannot figure out their computer. Sell your computer, or better yet donate it to someone who might be able to understand how to work it.

Flashblock works great and saves a lot of aggravation by stopping these automatic flash videos dead in their tracks! I recommend it to everybody. I use Flash Block along with Ad Block to make the Internet less annoying.

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Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I installed without any problem on my Firefox on Linux Mint Xfce. Perhaps you Windows users need to think about switching over to Linux so that you won't have all of these problems. I have better things to do with my time than worry about Windows technical errors.

Lightbeam is a cool idea and I hope that Mozilla continues the good fight against the corporate and government spies of the cyberworld. I contribute my data, do you?

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Autofill Forms

AutoFill Works Better than Other Solutions Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

If you were asleep when brains were being passed around, don't use this. Autofill works well, but you do have to put some effort into it AND understand how it works. I did, so I reap a lot of benefit from the add-on, and I think it merits five stars. However, the stupid police will always give it one star because they are bitter about being stupid.

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Stylish Sync

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I love Stylish Sync -- absolutely a time-saver for anyone who uses Stylish. This thing works and saved me a LOT of time, because I have over a dozen styles. More like three dozen.

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Stylish - Custom themes for any website

Best Add-On, Period Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Stylish is awesome and the #1 reason I use Firefox. I cannot imagine using the Internet without Stylish. Anyone who does not use Stylish needs to get their head examined by a doctor. It is the first add-on I install when I install the Internet browser. It works like a charm and I love the userstyles community, where you can easily add styles for all your favorite web sites. Get with the program already and add this to your Firefox browser.

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Autofill Forms

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Autofill helps out. I don't know about these people picking at the free add-on. It is incredibly difficult to code this type of thing, because every web site wants to do things a little bit different, because there is no standardization of forms. That is why not all fields get filled out. Please use common sense if you do not understand programming. Enough fields get filled out to make this add-on worthwhile. I use Linux Mint Nadia KDE as my operating system and Firefox as my browser. I am not a shill reviewer and I don't write shill reviews for anybody.

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