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Translate German to English

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Works find for me. You just cut and paste the word you want to know, put it in the search engine and it takes you to

Add to Search Bar

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Excellent add on. I'm a 55 year old female and it was simple to add. One note: HOVER & RIGHT CLICK on the area that you want to save to a search engine. Excellent add-on!

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Great add-on esp for those who are not as tech savvy as others Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I'm not that web/internet savvy but better than most in my generation (I'm 54). This was easy to use, really easy. I right clicked on a bank page and also page & took the pix of the issues I'm having.I was able to take both pix without issues with this web extension and it knew where to upload to (phew!), then sent an email with the screenshots to mint - TY for this great add on!BTW am using this with nightly

EDIT: Also this screenshot thankfully did NOT take my personal info when I sent it off to be analyzed by mint - I clicked the VISIBLE PORTION link on it and that's what it did, so even better. Again, tyvm from a somewhat non-tech 54 y.o. woman! Awesome add on!!

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