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Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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I was running version 2.11 I upgraded to ver3 and when I click on stylish preferences I get this error:

An error as occurred using the Stylish database. Would you like to visit a web page with possible solutions?

This is the page I get taken to:

The page I get taken to shows how to fix a problem with Stylish in the Chrome browser. I am using Firefox v56 on ubuntu. I say to myself, ok I am not using any custom Stylish pages so I will just uninstall Stylish and install Stylish ver3 from scratch. I install the latest Stylish version and I still get the above error when going into preferences. So I google fixing Stylish database in firefox and go to this page:

It says to remove the stylish.sqlite file which I find under my firefox profile folder, so I uninstall Stylish from firefox, delete the stylish.sqlite file and re-install Stylish. I STILL get the error above and I don't see any stylish.sqlite file under my firefox folder. So the latest version of Stylish is unusable for me. I am going back to V2.11.


upgrading to latest firefox (20) breaks it Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I depend on this add-on. Upgraded to latest firefox, build 20 and it is now broke. The sidebar opens but when I click on the feed nothing appears in the window to the right of the sidebar. I went back to firefox build 19 and sage is working again. This is my favorite rss reader so I hope you can find the time to fix it. Thank you.

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