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Video DownloadHelper

What other sites besides you-tube? Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Doesn't work with:

only video site I visit that it works with is you-tube?

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Disable CSS

Toggle CSS should be a built-in function in FireFox! Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Would like to see it keep a list of sites to allow or block CSS, instead of the global way it acts now.


Developer abducted by UFO? Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Someone needs to add 'magnet:' to the list of linkafilable prefixes. Otherwise does what it says and very nicely - although the need of this add-on in this day-and-age is kind of idiotic, as it's functionality should be built-into FireFox from the start.