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Video DownloadHelper

YouTube Update Broke .flv to .mp3 Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

DownloadHelper works great if all you want is to download videos. HOWEVER, you cannot download .mp3 from YouTube via DownloadHelper. I know this is not DH's fault, YouTube just updated their site, but DH needs to fix this soon! I've also read that a bunch of other addons aren't working either.
EDIT 12/19/12 (also reworded some of the above):
The developer seems to misunderstand what I am saying. Yes, I know YouTube does not allow downloading directly in .mp3, which is why I paid for DH in the first place. When YouTube updated, converting from .flv (or any format for that matter) to .mp3 fails to convert. It gives me an error every time. I spent over two hours trying different options out, and nothing worked. And yes, I reset everything. My conclusion is that YouTube's update broke it. I Googled it, and found that many download/converters (including DH) broke when YT updated. Unless DownloadHelper updates, I will not be able to do this! Please update!

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