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Link Widgets

Essintial add-on Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This is a must-have - I can't imagine trying to use most sites without it!

It's worth pointing out that you can send the content to a new tab using a middle-click.

Two things that would gain the fifth star:

1. It took ages to discover the key bindings - perhaps these could appear in the pop-up tips or something?

2. Please support finding links in SVG if you can. If the link doesn't contain any svg:text, then obviously the guessing can't work, but it would be nice for it to work on an appropriately written page.

For example, I have a weather observations chart [*]; Link Widgets ignores the Next and Prev svg:link elements and guesses wrongly by modifying the last number in the URL (despite deselecting that option in its settings).


If you want to experiment with the SVG stuff (e.g. creating suitable values for XLink:role), then email me using the address on the top page of my site above.