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Like the developers comment states, this plug-in is perfect for Ubuntu users. No more need to go around copying/pasting and tweaking launchers so as to access Firefox 4. All you do is download the package, install FoxTester and with a press of a button presto - FF4 is a default! Take all that and the ability to RETURN to and previous build makes this add-on a must. It shortens all the workarounds so much that I'd actually propose it as a build-in to every next Firefox built for Ubuntu Linux.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.0.8). 


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Being as curious as I sometimes can be, I've tested the "updated" version for FF4b6 that was posted by crl5 below. I'm pleased to say that it seems to work excellent with no problems whatsoever - at least the default settings which I tested.

It's a very nice and pleasing effect, and I'm fairly disappointed that it hasn't been integrated into FireFox by default; at least as a toggle feature.

Status Bar: Compact & Dynamic

Development Required Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Like many others posted below, this is an excellent idea. Unfortunately the current version needs a lot more work in order to reach it's full potential. First thing's first: its functionality needs to be flawless; it needs to move, hide and show the way users expect it (e.g. For me the "tray part" is a whole bar higher then the "status part" which always leaves a part behind when doing nothing). Perhaps even allow the user to dock or lock the position of the bars once he's satisfied. Other then that you might consider making it more compatible with the "Organize Status Bar" ( and later on designing a refined look for your developing genius. All in all, this add-on could became an excellent asset to FireFox users everywhere.

Download Badge

The Great Start Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

What an interesting idea! Making a drop-down download manager. This little "badge" could grow into a perfect add-on for users like myself who don't like having unconventional toolbars. I think that, if you polish it and heed some suggestions, you could make this work... Now I'm beginning to sound like a wiseacre :P

Let's just get to the point:
First off, I'm running FF4.0b4 (there's an issue with the countdown) and some of these thing might actually be a compatibility problems, I don't know. Anyway, consider turning the badge into a customizable "button"; allow the user to reposition it using the default "Customize..." context option. Add a faded icon when nothing is downloading. Make it a whole "manager" instead of just a status watcher - allow canceling, reloading, opening, deleting, etc. all while keeping the ability to open the default D.M. with a click. Maybe even give it its own notification?

Hoping for the next release. Good luck!


Think it's ready for updating? Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I've been using "Showcase" for quite some time and it's proven a very useful add-on. Very good choice for monitoring multiple tabs, quickly finding the one you need, but most importantly: it is fast and easy on the resources. However, with the release of FF4.0b4 the Mozilla team has integrated a "Group Your Tabs" feature. It is quite an interesting idea which, in my opinion, should be explored further. The main problems with it are quite the opposite of those things mentioned above: it's hard on the PC. But since the developers have provided such an opportunity I see no reason not to use it. By combining the "Showcase" and the "Group Your Tabs" views, this add-on could reach the next step in it's evolution.

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Organize Status Bar

Where it all begins... Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Yes, I'm quite impressed with this add-on since it allows me to organize and (more importantly) personalize the status bar so that it looks and behaves as I would like. The general idea is great and it has fulfilled it's basic purpose. It also seems to (surprisingly) work on the new 4.0b4 version, at least for me.
Now you should consider evolving the idea further. Perhaps allowing a drag&drop type of arranging for those "more visual" users, or adding menu-like "pop-ups" for those people who still have way too many icons and simply refuse to hide some of 'em. I myself would actually enjoy a feature to store (and customize) toolbar buttons into my statusbar. ;)

All in all, good work and good luck in further development!

History Submenus

An Essential Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This add-on is something rather basic. Every FireFox user should have it to keep his history nicely organized. Perhaps they should integrate it into the program? I think that's saying enough about how essential it is. ;^)

Unfortunately, it doesn't work with FireFox version 4.0b4... yet.
Hope you'll take care of it sometime soon and many thanks in advance.