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Referrer Control

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This doesn't work when trying to set a custom referrer, the options menu would suggest it can but it isn't working and appears limited to the options listed in the drop down menu.

There is RefControl, which does work for that and is also compatible with older versions of Firefox and Palemoon. So it looks like going back to RefControl.

It's still unfortunate but one would have to have both installed to have certain referrer controlling abilities as RefControl doesn't let you go by both/either source and target URLs while Referrer Control does but seems to be lacking the custom referrer option, such as sending a certain referrer when going to a certain site.

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I'm not sure how effective it is but the interface is poor, very annoying and confusing as has been mentioned.

Just by looking at it you don't know if something is being allowed or blocked, one can only presume as there is no definite feedback.

One can only expand one "group" at a time causing others to collapse so you can't get a good look at everything in one go.

It doesn't have any options so one can't for example set it to not automatically refresh pages once you block/unblock something, and since there's no pausing block/allow ALL, the page will continually and repeatedly reload in the background while the user runs around expanding groups having to click on a checkbox for every single thing listed if they want to pause or disable it on a page to check if it's the source of a problem with a site or page. Thankfully one can whitelist a site but some could easily end up forgetting that they've whielisted something it if they were just testing so an option to pause the addons blocking would be an improvement.

It has bizarre scroll buttons at the top and bottom, which one has to hover over to use, would be a nightmare if all scrolling worked like that instead of simply using the mouse scroll wheel.

It always displays useless time/bandwidth saved claims, which does nothing but take up screen space and of course using resources to keep track of this.

Even the little counter number it displays on it's icon is flawed in that it registers as part of the browser window rather than part of the icon so when clicking the icon one has to avoid clicking the number covering part of it.

I don't know who designed the interface for this but it is in many ways a great example of how not to do thing ranging from user friendliness to efficiency via sensibility.

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This is one of those options you'd expect to be standard on any decent software/browser, so it's welcome and works well.

Though I can't ignore one gripe, which is the shortcut keys. They seems to either be part of a diabolical plan to make people injure themselves or are designed for people with mutant left hands. Just try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V, comfortable huh, and yes you did look like you were having an aneurism.

There are loads of better, easier, even simpler possibilities for the shortcut combinations but that's still a problem because the user needs to be able to set it. Any easy to use shortcut combination you come up with chances are it's already being used by Firefox itself or some other addon, or even system software besides Firefox (Windows menu shortcut combinations, shortcut software), this is more important than some might at first think. Thankfully there's at least an option to disable its shortcut keys.

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Self-Destructing Cookies

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This is nice especially in that it's a simple way to prevent unwanted cookies following one around and endlessly accumulating into a huge group.

It should have little to no impact on being able to browse around various and unknown sites without letting every single thing leaving cookies in your browser without one having to specifically block or delete unwanted cookies.

However some simple easy additions might be nice, such as being able to choose what the default behaviour is. Not being able to choose the default means the user will have to manually set the rule for every single site to what they want the default behaviour to be should it differ from the predefined default.

I would like to ask that the GUID change in Pale Moon be accounted for to keep it compatible with that browser fork.

Also I feel I have to add I've noticed it doesn't take into account Tabs that have not been loaded, if you use something to prevent Tabs from loading their page/content when the browser starts unless the Tab has been viewed this still counts those as open sites, meaning cookies for sites could persist indefinitely even if no page for said site is ever loaded if using the default option of "after you close its tabs". Minor but something to keep in mind.

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I seem to be having a problem due to the endless loop prevention in this. My rule is to remove the "h" from eg: xxh.jpg leaving only xx.jpg, however the endless loop protection disables my rule when trying to open xxhh.jpg instead of turning it into xxh.jpg.

Here is one example which disables my rule
which I would like to become
Also It seems there are always 7 characters before the "h" I would like removed, ie I only want the "h" removed if it is the eight character before ".jpg"

Any suggestions on how I might get around this would be appreciated, thanks.

Thanks, this worked well for what I wanted.

Which was to automatically edit and remove the "h" from URLs in a certain domain, for example changing yyyyh.jpg to yyyy.jpg

I haven't done anything else with this so I'd be surprised if I ran into any problems or bugs. Since you also added features like import/export I feel I have to give this 5 stars so far.

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Referrer Control

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I used to use RefControl which in comparison is old unreliable.

This though works well and is sensibly done, it lets you specify both source and target URLs and works reliably, though a rather simple little addon referrer control is important to me and this one seems to have no flaws so far.

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Easy YouTube Video Downloader

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Didn't work, it simply changed the URL and displayed a blank page that did nothing.

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I can't seem to give less than 1 star, 1 is to high for this.

There is a sidebar with this that constantly pops up, not just while viewing a CHM file, it pops up when browsing, or opening a new tab or clicking links, it's even popped up and vanished a few times while typing this. Selecting some of the text I'm typing makes it pop up or vanish each time.

The dev uses keyboard shortcuts that can't be changed, and happen to conflict with my global keyboard shortcuts so they don't work, great example of the poor practice in the workings of the addon.

Each time I click a link while viewing a CHM file it opens the save dialogue box asking if I want to save some strangely named file, where it says "You have chosen to open" it shows some HTML source of the CHM being viewed.

It's just horrible.

This is the poorest implementation of a worthwhile feature I can remember ever seeing.

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Stop YouTube Autoplay

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Editing my review because this hasn't worked at all for some time anymore.

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Stop Tube HTML5

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Did not work on any of the HTML5 videos I checked on Youtube, also disabled TubeStop 4 incase that was interfering without change.

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Causes some Youtube videos to not play at all, removing it solved the problem and reinstalling made the problem come back. Here is the last video it caused problems with

Also on one of the PCs here it rendered all Youtube videos unplayable until uninstalled.

It's a nice addon when it works, but having to uninstall it to get some videos to play is more frustrating than it is useful.

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Abduction! - Webpage Screenshots Screen Capture

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It does what it says but the captured images can badly lack text quality for a simple reason.

On large high resolution displays it's common to increase the size of webpages being viewed but Abduction captures it at its original size.

This is a problem because when you increase the size of the page within the browser the text simply increases in size, though when you try to increase the captured image from Abduction the text is stretched and starts to look like dung.

Since no doubt alot (if not almost all) of captures from this addon are to capture at least some text on webpages, the addon is pretty much shooting itself in the foot.

Due to this if you want quality or easily readable text in the captures, print screen is better until Abduction stars capturing pages at the site they are set to in the browser.

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Edit Bookmark Plus

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It's great that this addon gives you the basic option of being able to resize the Firefox bookmarking dialogue. Though lets face it Firefox is lacking so severely in this regard and many others it's getting ridiculous how many addons are needed just to keep Firefox sensible lately.

While it's a welcome feature it would be nicer if it did more, perhaps replaced the archaic bookmarking dialogue with something better altogether with better features like, the dialogue not closing if it looses focus, allow the user to move it around, allow the user to copy text from the page they're bookmarking so they can paste it into the description of the bookmark they're creating, auto collapse all bookmark directories so it doesn't have to be done manually or else they will eventually all be expanded making it harder to find the location you want to store the new bookmark.

This is one of the features in Firefox where just about anything you throw at it would be an improvement.

It would make the addon more worthwhile adding such features other than just being able to resize something which should be there to being with.

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It does what it says on the box, though as others mentioned it would be nice if it could pause the video at the start so it could still buffer/load, or better still having the option of choosing whether you want the videos to not auto-play or pause (and still buffer).

Session Manager

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Since installing Session Manager Firefox hasn't forgotten a singe session after exiting/crashing. Before it would constantly forget, getting to the point where I was about to stop using Firefox so once again it's up to the addons to make it worthwhile.

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SkipScreen -- download helper, now for sale...

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SkipScreen no longer works with any of the sites tested, in fact it renders the sites useless as it prevents you from being able to download the files at all so it's become less than useless which is unfortunate.

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Basically useless as it still seem to only block referrers TO certain sites and doesn't offer any way to block referrers FROM certain sites.

The reasons why it 'should' work like this are many, even the site for the addon lists such reasons, maybe just doesn't realise it, yet this still doesn't let you hide the referer in a useful way.

While it does let you block all referers which is a small saving grace it doesn't have a whitelist so again falls short.

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The good is that it's simple and you don't need to be fiddled with have to fight it and when it works it works well, in that area it's a very pleasant surprise having used Autopager for years and fighting it more and more lately. Though PageZipper doesn't work with as many pages as one would like, even some well known ones give problems so don't expect it to work with "local" or lesser known sites unless you get lucky.

The bad, is that if you find it isn't working on a site you would like, it seems the only place to report it is on which after my experience of trying for 20 minutes just to log in with my OpenID is the worst site I have ever tried to use and would sooner take a cheese grater to my tenders than goto again.

PS, will report a site problem here since that other site is from hell
Firefox v6.0.2

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Lately it's become problematic and unreliable. Autopaging sites without asking usually erroneously while preventing you from view the bottom of a page.

It's handy on a handful of sites but the problems cropping up more and more and lack of user friendliness just doesn't add up. Working on the sites it's wanted where it's useful doesn't make up for the frustration and time it will consume just trying to browse on others.

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Is It Compatible?

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Same problem as others have mentioned about not being able to find the "Show Check Compatibility Button" except I'm on Firefox 6.0.2. Then again nowhere does it even mention where to expect this button.

Though at least it does show the supported version number next to addons in about:addons.

Thanks for the reply from the dev, the button is no longer there to check if addons work with the new version of Firefox, so nothing is actually wrong with the addon. Though it would be great to have that feature back, hint hint.