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No - you've stolen enough already, DoubleClick & Friends.

Here is a Candle to Light you to Bed...
OK,, coiner of term "infotheft" - the taking of information about a user for behavioral analysis or any other purpose beyond a divided hypothetical "Send 1 copy ISBN ... (for 50 Shades of Grey) and 1 copy ISBN... (Your faith's holy book)" to: [deleted when shipment is confirmed, a separate data base [down 1 of each book, for restocking], and a crediting system noting that [YOU] paid [$n.nn] for [2 books, no further data] via this credit service, and the credit has/has not cleared. When one even tries to look at a web site's "privacy" policy, one will usually find that one's computer/tablet/phone's unique MAC, a number burned into the hardware and quite easily attached to the owner's name using easy-to-perform mashups of available data.

Entities on the net, both government, and (business/charity/NGO-NFP can quickly make the connection. For a single machine, with a little practice, you can find out about "yourself" as you are known to some of these on-line databases, from your salary to shoe size (or the size of any other clothing), your political participation and beliefs, organizations you belong to, bank and spending history, etc.

The "me" behind me is a former newspaperman, who did it himself as one of the first practitioners of "computer-aided journalism". Want to find someone in the Witness Protection Program? If they've got kids, its easy - call the kids' old school(s) and, citing the (Sen James) 'Buckley Amendment' ask where the kids' school records were sent.

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Service is EXCELLENT but carried out on a machine with NO privacy policies. May cost but programs have been available to do this at HOME for YEARS - in fact it was either one hell of an eye-skip, or I failed to notice, or didn't check the details, when I loaded this creature up, and I don't know HOW much personal info they stole from me. This kind of site should be BOYCOTTED unless it comes clean, destroys whatever files it has, after sending all users a list of material gathered and who it has been sold to - apparently the outfit's only source of income, since no other is listed.

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Every Election Day I sit and try to update EVERY Politics window every few seconds. Now, what I really need (and I suspect a few others) is a system that'll show 2-20 (if you have the space) windows and treat every one as live, with updates of one after the next

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