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Menu Editor

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Menu Editor cannot works with splitted menu items. Some addons use they (for example: Context Search RG). These menu items are not displayed when Menu Editor is on.

Context Search

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Middle click doesn't work.
Ctrl+click works like left click.
"If you have Firefox set to switch to new tabs immediately, the above key combinations will have the inverse effect" - doesn't work.
I have FF 6.0.2 and Menu Editor 1.2.7 installed.
Anyway this is helpful addon.

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Searchbar Autosizer

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I really like this addon, but want to ask for one (optional?) feature. When searchbar loses input focus and has no text inside, it should be resized to search engine's title width. Now in the same situation is possible to see truncated (or overpadded) text of search engine's title in case you switched search engine earlier.

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