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Session Manager

How to get Session Manager to work after FF15 upgrade Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

FF 15 broke my Session Manager plugin leaving me with a blank session. On the SM forums, the following solution worked for me:

1. Navigate to about:config (enter in URL field)
2. Search for dom.indexedDB.enabled and set to true (switch by double-clicking)
3. Restart FF

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Tree Style Tab

Best FF addon - But some issues Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

As mentioned by The_Frag_Man, this issue has some issues when you have roughly a hundred or more tabs, with tabs being re-ordered after restart.

Also, since upgrading to FF 30, the tree is all distorted once you click on a tab (ctrl-tab restores tree view temporarily). This a a deal-breaker making browsing next to impossible.
As a long-time TreeStyle tab user, I'm hoping this issue will get fixed asap. Happy to assist with troubleshooting if required.

Aside of the above issues, this is the best addon availble to FF. Couldn't be without it. Kudos to the dev for creating/maintaining this great addon!

EDIT: My issue with the distorted tree was caused by some dodgy tabs. Once these were closed, everthing was displayed properly again

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Download Status Bar

Even better than the original Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Just wanted to say that I was a bit skeptical when I had to replace my trusted Download StatusBar addon with this when the original stopped working.
Turns out that this addon is even better in so many ways, and as mentioned before gets updates very often.
If I would ask for anything it's that I get a few more options (i.e. remove some things I don't ever use from the right click menu).
Kudos to the dev!

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Tree Style Tab

New version hangs FF when moving tabs around Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Have been using this addon for years. Best addon to FF!

Since the latest version (0.14.2013082201/0.14.2013082301), FF hangs sometimes when moving tabs around (i.e. newly created tab groups). Get a FF popup asking if I want to stop an unresponsive script. At this stage FF completely unresponsive and you cannot click on anything. Need to kill the process.

Please fix this issue. Going back to 0.14.2013052901 in the meantime

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.14.2013082301.1-signed). 

Switch to Tab no more

Works as described Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Works as described. Removes "switch to..." when typing in an address in the address bar. Simple but effective. Can't believe I've put up with this for so long without doing anything about it. Thanks to iann for writing this plugin!

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Blank pages in 4.0 RC Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Just found this add-on and in theory it is everything I ever wanted in FF.

Doesn't seem to work well in FF 4.0 RC as unloaded pages show blank white pages when selected. To display the contents you need to refresh the page. Issue 111 created for this:

Tab Mix Plus

Working Firefox 3.01 plugin version Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

If you have upgraded to Firefox 3.01 and don't wont to the hustle with editing the install file to make this plugin work, get the pre-edited file as posted by magopaco earlier here:

Just "open" the file straight within Firefox and you're done. This worked perfectly for me (after failing at trying to modify the file myself)

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