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Speed Dial

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I saw this advertised for Opera and liked the idea. I even installed Opera to check it out. I like the refresh option, but it would not display my gmail or google reader pages. This extension displays a nice thumbnail of both pages, but doesn't refresh. Hopefully a refresh or reload option will be available soon. If it can do that, it has a chance of replacing all of the bookmark icons on my toolbar (or at least 9 of them). If I am going to have to click on it anyway to see if there is an update to the page though, I may as well stick with the toolbar icons.

The only other thing that I can think of that would be a great improvement to this extension is if it offered a "zoom" option so that a page thumbnail would increase in size as you moused over it to the point that you could make out the contents better. Something like what Tab Scope does for tabs added to Speed Dial thumbs would be great.

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