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Grab and Drag

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Amazing! Been using it for years and it works excellent. For the people who don't understand what it is (not sure why) It allows you to scroll pages by clicking and dragging the screen like a PDF in most programs. I can't stand using the slow mouse wheel and this (if you want to change the speed in the settings) makes a quick click and drag scroll extremely fast.

For people like hidvel - The reason you had issues is you most likely have it set so when you click text and links you can still grab & drag but (again, in settings) you can change that. I set mine so only selecting non-text and non-links will allow grab and drag. Sometimes you have to disable it to regain selection of tricky text but either add a button to the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut to temporarily disable it.

ettin - I'm glad I'm not a developer and don't have to deal with people that give poor ratings because they have no idea what they're doing. FF4 has grab and drag by default? This is not mouse wheel scrolling - this has nothing to do with a mouse wheel which is what I'm assuming you think.

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Just Black (for Firefox 3)

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For people who like their coffee black.


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Excellent tool, perfect for those users that can't spend (any more) hours viewing sites but want to make sure they get a chance to check the links out and so they are not fogotten. Replaces the need for un-needed bookmarks and clutter.

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Dark Revisited

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Simply Amazing.

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Whitehart TB

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Good, very simple and clean looking...matches my Whitehart browser and completes the look.

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Favicon Picker 2

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A+ Add-On! But Firefox is not the same without this add-on working! Like they all have said: please please update for FIREFOX 3! Thank you!

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Status Buttons

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PLEASE update this add-on, I have searched every possible add-on or way to get this to work with the new Firefox 3beta and no matter what backdoors I try nothing works...please, please update because this is a great idea!

RSS Ticker

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AMAZING add-on, period! I am obsessed with customizing my Firefox interface, and honestly I'm hardly ever satisfied for long. I've installed literally hundreds of add-on's and themes, and have never taken the time to write a review until this add-on. It's simply brilliant and perfect for someone who has a few websites they constantly want to keep updated on. Excellent Job!

Please honestly consider a few small tweaks (if possible) in a future upgrade:

#1 a toggle-able close X button on the right side of each item in the ticker, so instead of right-click you can just shoot down the list of any you know you don't need to read.

- The ability to customize the default number of items per feed for EACH link added to the ticker?

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