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Tab History Menu fix Redémarrage nécessaire

When click on the selected tab, a history menu corresponding to it will display.

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Ajouté fév. 9, 2013

Apollo Bookmark/Tab/History Sync add-on Redémarrage nécessaire

Bookmark/Tab/History sync add-on of Apollo for Firefox

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Ajouté déc. 8, 2011

Multi homepage Redémarrage nécessaire

Add favicon button of your favorite sites in tabs browser to open new tabs and in homepage button to have more homepage.

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Ajouté sep. 8, 2011

TabCloud Redémarrage nécessaire

TabCloud - Save and restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers.

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Ajouté déc. 26, 2010

TidyFox - Fast Access to Your Sites! Redémarrage nécessaire

Toolbar buttons that give you a menu of your most used sites and your last used sites and a sub-menu of pages for each of those sites.

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Ajouté juil. 13, 2010

storeTab Redémarrage nécessaire

you could have open many tabs and then its just a click on the icon and save tabs, that's it done, you can close and reopen your browser many times, and when your ready for your tabs back, just click the icon again and restore tabs.

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Ajouté mai 14, 2010

PermaTabs Mod Redémarrage nécessaire

Turn tabs of your choice into permanent tabs. PermaTabs can't be closed accidentally no matter what you click (even actions like "Close other tabs" will not affect them) and will stick around between sessions.

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Ajouté juin 24, 2008

Fast Dial Redémarrage nécessaire

Visual bookmarks for Firefox.

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Ajouté sep. 19, 2007