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Exceptions Exporter

Edit and Export Cookie, Popup, and Install Exceptions Lists

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Smart location (smart text)

Textbox and much more...
Formated, linkified, scrollable and selectable text in Location bar.

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OpenPGP Enhancements to HTTP. Implement Secure Session Management (user/password-less login to mod_openpgp enabled Apache webservers) and Signed Requests. Enigform has won the 2nd Prize for Les Trophees du Libre Security Category.

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Dark Side Of The Prism Pas de redémarrage

Dark Side of the Prism is a Firefox Add-on that provides a soundtrack for our surveilled internet meanderings.

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Master Password Timeout

Locks the master security device after a predefined period of inactivity to prevent unauthorized use of saved passwords.

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Permet de savoir si l'application s'exécute avec des privilèges d'administrateur, au moyen d'une icône dans la barre d'état; utile si vous êtes connecté en tant qu'administrateur et vous utilisez des outils pour limiter les privilèges.

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SecurityCheck Pas de redémarrage

A simple way to check the security of the website you're visiting using the SSLLabs and SecurityHeaders sites.

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Prevent writing passwords without SSL

This extension prevents user to type a password in a page served without "https" protocol: it disables the input of the password and highlights the password box with red.

I wrote it for people worried about security and privacy.

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EnigmaGPG Pas de redémarrage

Enigma GPG allows you to encrypt messages through internet web applications. Ensuring the authenticity, privacy and confidentiality of messages for your Business.

Note: Plugin for Demo Live

Web Site: http://www.enigmagpg.com

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Ad Hacker

Ad Hacker shows you which advertisers and publishers are following you around the Internet. Developers can see details about Javascripts, beacons, and other web bugs. Write your own rules for finding bugs in XML, or visit http://rules.adhacker.com/

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Virustotal hash

Search hash(md5/sha1/sha256) of file at virustotal.com. You can check files for viruses and trojans by its hash.

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Zscaler Safe Shopping

Warns the user when visiting a fake or compromised store.

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Google SSL(Language: RU)

Google SSL- Safe Search Russian-language sites

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Use Google SSL to search the last month of the Debian-firewall mailing list posts

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Call.Me Screen Capture Pas de redémarrage

Extension to enable screen capturing from Call.Me (https://www.call.me)

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Use Prot-On directly from Firefox. You will be able to protect text with just on click and share it with complete confidence. You can also access in the same way text and photos protected by others for you. Learn more at http://www.prot-on.com

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PhishTank SiteChecker

PhishTank SiteChecker gives Firefox users a way to bring the community judgment of PhishTank (http://www.phishtank.com/) into their favorite browser, for extra protection against phishing...

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Safety Redirector PRO Pas de redémarrage

In short: SafetyRedirector is an important part to your computer's overall security. Anti-virus programs work only AFTER you've been infected. SafetyRedirector PREVENTS the initial infection from happening!

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A simple button to Clear All Cookies

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Protects against ssl mitm attacks

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