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TypeScript Playground Pas de redémarrage

Handy TypeScript Playground integration within the browser. (Right click to convert TypeScript code on the web and remix it!)

Simply find a TypeScript sample, select the code, right click the selection and click on "TypeScript to JS".

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Ajouté February 18, 2014

Toggle JS Pas de redémarrage

A simple toolbar button to quickly toggle javascript between enabled or disabled.
A green thumbs up is shown when javascript is enabled and a red thumbs down is shown when it is disabled

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Ajouté November 8, 2013

Inspect Object

Web Developer Toolbox helper. Adds an 'Inspect JavaScript Object' button to the toolbar in the Web Developer Toolbox. Clicking on this button displays the JavaScript object for the element currently selected in the Inspector tool.

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Ajouté November 6, 2013

JSON Inspector Pas de redémarrage

Inspect JSON object from a URL or entered data.
Requires either DOM Inspector or DOM Inspector Plus! [dm] extension.

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Ajouté October 25, 2013


Speed up your testing and debugging times with PourBico. By intercepting HTTP requests, PourBico allows you to modify each response via inline edits or by replacing resources with local or external ones.

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Ajouté October 16, 2013

Whois Lookup & Hosting & DNS & Site Flags Firefox

IP Whois Lookup & Website Reviews & Rating. Display country flag indicating website location. Alexa and Norton Antivirus Site Adviser. Supported: GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, Dotster, 1and1, NameCheap, Register, Yahoo, 123-Reg, FatCow, Enom, FastHosts.

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Ajouté July 17, 2013

DevTools Tweaks

DevTools Tweaks extends the features of the built-in Firefox Devtools.

Adds New Rule, color-picker and Open URL to the inspector. Adds JSON parser to network view in Web Console, and adds hidden options to the options panel.

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Ajouté June 10, 2013

Seamless Print Pas de redémarrage

A lightweight solution for unattended/silent printing without showing the print dialog. A simple click turns Seamless Print On or Off.
With Seamless Print turned On, print requests go directly to the printer using any Print options already setup.

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Ajouté May 25, 2013


Re-adds the options to disable Images, JavaScript, and the Tab Bar in the Options window.

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Ajouté April 26, 2013

Tiny JavaScript Debugger

TinyJSD is a JavaScript debugger for privileged code running Mozilla products like Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey. It serves to debug the application as well as extensions written in JavsScript.

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Ajouté March 17, 2013

Javascript View Pas de redémarrage

Javacsript source highlighter. Automatically deminify, beautify, and syntax highlight javascript source code.

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Ajouté March 5, 2013

immunity Pas de redémarrage

A simple way to turn off Javascript and Cookies with one click.

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Ajouté February 17, 2013

Originz Pas de redémarrage

A source viewer that enables you to view not only page's HTML source but also style sheets and scripts. It uses Prism syntax highlighter and it can beautify(unminify) the source code.

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Ajouté December 14, 2012

Blank Scratchpad

Remove introductory text on Scratchpad.

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Ajouté October 29, 2012

JavaScript Object Examiner

Display JavaScript object methods and properties for any available scope.

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Ajouté August 9, 2012

jsdoc Pas de redémarrage

creates a javadoc-like html file for each javascript file it processes

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Ajouté June 15, 2012


Analyses all the Javascript files on a web page using JSLint.

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Ajouté December 11, 2011

Compatibility Detector for Firefox Pas de redémarrage


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Ajouté August 7, 2011


Ajuda a burlar protetores de links; extrai os links de uma página, inclusive no código-fonte do javascript; mostra elementos ocultos, como imagens e divs.

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Ajouté April 16, 2011


WatchPug is an extension checking your website documents for validation errors. Find more information at http://watchpug.com/.

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Ajouté March 9, 2011