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DNS Flusher Redémarrage nécessaire

A Mozilla Firefox add-on that provides a easy way to reload the browser DNS cache.
It's commonly used by developers that uses the Hosts File to force a domain name resolution to a specific IP.

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SwitchHosts Redémarrage nécessaire

SwitchHosts allows you to manage and switch between multiple hosts file quickly and easily.
Of course, the refresh of DNS is executed at once.
the Hosts file is audited, security is safe.

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Parasite Redémarrage nécessaire

Move from host to host!

Parasite enables switching a page between hosting/staging environments.
E.g. Browse http://www.your-site.com/my-page.html, select 'LOCAL' from the host list and Firefox will navigate to http://localhost/my-page.html.

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Hosts switcher Redémarrage nécessaire

Hosts switcher allows you to change and reload your hosts file based on a simple template language.

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