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Geotool Pas de redémarrage

Open the Geotool just with one click!

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Compatibility Detector for Firefox Pas de redémarrage


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Firebomb Pas de redémarrage

Firebomb puts an arsenal of fun, stress relieving 8-bit explosives at your fingertips while you browse. You can annihilate, destroy, and explode any persistent bugs or bad designs live on any web page... More firepower than Firebug alone.

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XPICompiler Pas de redémarrage

Pick a directory with XPI source files. Zips it up, turns it into XPI, and install it to Firefox. Access by navigating to "about:xpiler".

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developerforce search

A plugin to search in developerforce.com

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Addon Developer Helper

This addon helps extension developers by providing easy way to restart Firefox. It also clears XPCOM cache during restart so that developer doesnt need to do it manually. It also helps loading unpacked addon source mainly used during development.

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e107 Debugger

Easy Debugging for the e107 Content Management System

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WSTabReload Pas de redémarrage

Forget about the [F5] key! WSTabReload is a web development productivity tool that will help you to automatically reload your browser tabs every time selected local files are changed.

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PureBasic Forum (EN)

Search PureBasic Forum, English forum, using Google as the search engine for a sitesearch, also has search-as-you-type and is also sitesearch specific.

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Mozilla Tree Status Pas de redémarrage

Displays status of Mozilla integration trees and provides notifications of status changes.

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