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Keyword Provider Pas de redémarrage

Bye bye (not provided). Keyword Provider Addon makes the keywords you generate searching on Google visible again, no matter whether you are logged in to Google or just using HTTPS for surfing. A simple way to avoid (not provided) data.

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Contao Tools Pas de redémarrage

Fügt ein Icon in die Addonleiste unten rechts hinzu. Es zeigt einem bei der entsprechenden Auswahl das 960° Grid an und macht Checkboxen via Auswahlrahmen invertierbar.

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SeLite Settings

It provides template-based visual interface and API to Firefox preferences. It allows preferences to be organised in sets and have single-valued and multi- valued free-type or choice fields.

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Kanbugger Pas de redémarrage

An add-on to share data between kanbanery and bugzilla.

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PassLink Pas de redémarrage

Pass a link to mobile device.

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ADF Refresh

Refresh any ADF page removing all its parameters.

Caution: The logic just removes all the query parameters and refreshes the page. Be cautious on pages other than ADF.

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Facebook LinkStats Pas de redémarrage

Q: Is the number of Facebook Like Button all about "LIKE"?
A: NO!

The Add-on can show the detail of Facebook Like count (ex. Like count, comment count and share count).

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Google Redesigned 2

Ported version from Firefox to be compatible with Seamonkey 2.

A complete redesign of popular Google services, Google Redesigned changes the appearance of popular Google services.

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Mozmill test Addon Pas de redémarrage

A test addon used in our Remote tests with Mozmill.

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Prefix-Free Addon Pas de redémarrage

This addon makes use of PrefixFree (http://leaverou.github.com/prefixfree/) to make any page's CSS3 work with your browser. This is especially useful when a site only uses selectors with browser prefixes not targeting your own browser.

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Blog SQLi Finder Pas de redémarrage

Use this to test your blogspot.com security, most of blogspot.com have some SQL errors who can be used by hackers to hack them!
If you get any error , message google to fix it!

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SeLite DB Objects

SeLite DB Objects provides mid-level objects for accessing test data in SQLite.

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SeLite Commands

Selenium IDE Core extension. It provides various Selenese commands, for example for entering/selecting random input values.

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SeLite Miscellaneous

It provides miscellaneous internal components for various parts of SeLite group of extensions.

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SeLite SQLite Connection Manager

It manages SQLite DB connection(s). It can be used with other extensions from SeLite family, or on its own.

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SeLite TestCase Debug Context

It's needed for SelBlocks Global. It works in Selenium IDE.

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SeLite SelBlocks Global

For structured automated test scripts in Selenium-IDE

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Seoptimer.com - SEO Audit Pas de redémarrage

Seoptimer.com is an on-line tool for on page SEO analysis.

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SeLite Bootstrap

It allows smoother development of Selenium Core extensions. It reloads them automatically on change.

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Gamestar GCS Pas de redémarrage

A game creation system written in Javascript.

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