Tab Candy Pas de redémarrage

Tab Candy makes your Firefox browser a thing of beauty and elegance, differentiating each open tab with a color which helps distinguish your browsing so you always know which tab you want to select

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StartupApps Pas de redémarrage

Open a list of URL at startup in new pinned tabs. (Pinned home pages)

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PinTabAlt Pas de redémarrage

Makes Firefox remember the pinned tabs present when you close a window but only if that window actually has pinned tabs present.

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Mail and Save Tab URLs

If you often share web page addresses (URLs) with others or save them in text file, bookmark, or copy to clipboard for your own reference, this extension will make your life easier!

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Show Quit Warning / Save Tabs

This extension enable show quit warning option. When we want close firefox window with open tabs it show additional button allowing save all opened tabs.

Gdy zamykamy okno przeglądarki pokazuje dodatkowy przycisk pozwalający zapisać otwarte karty.

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Mercury Connect Pas de redémarrage

With Mercury Connect, you can sync bookmarks and tabs, send webpages and more directly to your mobile devices.

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IOS7 New Tab

Bring IOS7 to you Firefox. Based on IOS7, adds quick search, mousewheel to switch pages. Let's experience it.

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Duplicate Tab Blocker Pas de redémarrage

Prevent duplicate tabs. Allow only one tab for a url. If you click a link that is already opened in a tab, then existing tab would be focused instead of opening a new tab. This works even across firefox windows.

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Tab Colors Pas de redémarrage

A basic add-on that lets you specify background colors for inactive tabs.

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Tabs Open Relative (Modified)

This add-on is a modified version of Tabs Open Relative ( combined with dikrib's fix.

Tabs open to the right of the current one, external links open according to

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Adds two icons to the Add-on bar that enable quick access to the Full Page Zoom feature. Based upon QuickPageZoom by Juan Carlos Avila B. I have only re-uploaded the addon since it was removed.. Best regards.. q1k

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Push To BlackBerry Pas de redémarrage

Instantly send any web page from your Firefox browser to your BlackBerry 10 device!

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Enable Bookmark All Tabs

Enable Bookmark All Tabs

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Визуальные закладки от Яндекс

Визуальные закладки – это страница, на которой собраны ваши любимые сайты.

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Adaptify Pas de redémarrage

This add-on adapts the look of your Firefox to the website you are showing.

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Table of Contents

Generate a handy table of contents to any website you are visiting

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Simply TabCopy

Adds a Duplicate this tab option to the context menu.

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Tasktop Extension

Tasktop ( tracks the most relevant web pages visited while you work on a task. When you re-activate a task, Tasktop automatically restores the task's browser tabs so there is no need to bookmark. This add-on connects Firefox to Ta...

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Dormancy Pas de redémarrage

Dormancy 'retires' tabs that have gone unused for a while, freeing up that memory. It then restores the tabs to life when accessed.


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Shows a small window with the preview of the link's website when you move your mouse over a link and press CTRL.

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