Save links in your Next queue with a right click, and view your Next queue with the toolbar button.

I recommend using the Next queue for things you intend to get to within the day or week.

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An extension replacing the right-click menu of Firefox with a doughnut-shaped menu.

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Page Scheduler Redémarrage nécessaire

Schedules web pages for specific days and time with appropriate recurrence

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Viamatic foXpose Redémarrage nécessaire

Click on the icon in the status bar to view all the browser windows with a single...

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Open in nbviewer

An add-on that opens the current page in nbviewer when clicked.

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New Tab Position Toggle Redémarrage nécessaire

Use a different position for a new tab on using a customized mouse click (next instead of last or last instead of next) compared to default behavior. Mouse button and modifier keys like Alt, Ctrl, Option, and Shift can be chosen. Handy for laptops.

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Downloads in a Tab

Open downloads in about:downloads instead of the library

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Incognito This Tab

Open current tab in an incognito window.

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Max Loaded Tabs

Set maximum number of loaded tabs in a window.

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Displays the tab's number to allow quick tab switching via Ctrl + [1-8] or Cmd + [1-8]

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Audio Monitor Redémarrage nécessaire

Detects which tab(s) are playing audio. Open a dropdown menu to detect which tab(s) are playing audio. Click on an entry and you will be taken to that tab. This works even if tab is in a different group. This will not work across windows.

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Vertical Tabbar Redémarrage nécessaire

makes tabbar in FF3.0 is vertical...

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Tab Colors

A basic add-on that lets you specify background colors for inactive tabs.

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TabCount Redémarrage nécessaire

With TabCount, if somebody asks you how many hundred tabs you've got open, you can tell them at a glance...

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IE Tab + Redémarrage nécessaire

Extension qui donne la possiblité d'utiliser le moteur de rendu du "Microsoft Internet Explorer", installé sur votre système d'exploitation, au sein du navigateur "Mozilla Firefox".

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Tab select saver Redémarrage nécessaire

This simple extension allows the user to select some tabs from the open ones and save them together into a new folder.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty - Say Sì to myself

Giorgio Armani Beauty invites you to discover the Sì that is driving you & to receive your weekly inspiration.

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Easy-Read turns your web pages dark and help you read them for a longer period.

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Tab Prophet

Multiple tab selection to copy multiple URLs to clipboard at once.
Press shift and click on the tab you want to select, it will copy urls of selected tabs to your clipboard.
To copy all tabs at once, press SHIFT + ALT + A.

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Page Navigation Buttons

Adds a few buttons to help with page navigation, including Page Top, Page Bottom, Page Down and Page Up.

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