The Next Task NewTab Pas de redémarrage

The ultimate Productivity & ToDo list add-on,designed to personalize your browser experience while search the web from your NewTab

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Search and New Tab by Yahoo Pas de redémarrage

This Add-on sets your default Search to Yahoo, and it brings a fresh look to every new tab page, powered by Yahoo.

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Open With Internet Explorer Pas de redémarrage

Open With Internet Explorer sends pages from Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer.

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Multi Links Plus

Multi Links Plus lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time rather than having to do them all individually.

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Owl - For comfortable reading Pas de redémarrage

An add-on to make online reading easy.
This add-on makes reading comfortable by dimming the background and transforming the theme of the page into a darker one.

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New Tab by Yahoo Pas de redémarrage

This Add-on brings a fresh look to your new tab page, powered by Yahoo. It also provides default Yahoo experience for search and homepage.

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Custom UserAgent String Pas de redémarrage

Add a custom useragent string for desired URLs or domains.

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TubeCast Pas de redémarrage

For those that have smart TV's and use the great TubeCast application available on Windows 10.

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Tab Reloader (Page Reloader) Pas de redémarrage

An easy-to-use tab reloader with custom reloading time settings for individual tabs

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Auto Unload Tab

Auto unloads tabs.

***New Version***

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Duplicate Tabs Closer Pas de redémarrage En vedette

Detects and automatically closes duplicate tabs.

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Open about:permissions

Firefox 6 introduces new Permissions Manager which you can find under URL "about:permissions". This add-on adds link to the menu where you cannot find link to this manager at this moment.

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No Close Buttons Pas de redémarrage

In Firefox 31, the browser.tabs.closeButtons option was removed. This addon forces what previously used to be a value of 2 for that option: no close buttons on any tabs.

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Unload inactive tabs, save resources.

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Blockulicious Pas de redémarrage

Blockulicious ajoute un niveau de sécurité puissant et non-intrusif à votre expérience de navigation.
Blockulicious adds a level of security and powerful non-intrusive to your browsing experience.

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Mon compte en ligne

Nouvelle version - Connectez-vous plus rapidement et plus facilement !

↓ Cliquez sur le bouton ↓

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Open in IE™ (Internet Explorer) Pas de redémarrage

Open links in Internet Explorer

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Window and Tab Limiter

This extension will automatically close old windows and tabs so you don't wind up with zillions of old windows open at the same time. NEW FEATURES IN 3.0. Password protection....and 3 modes of operation.

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Simplified Tab Groups Pas de redémarrage

A Firefox addon that provides tab grouping features similar to the removed TabView/TabGroups/Panorama features with a different UI. This add-on is able to manage tab groups created by Panorama.

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New Tab Override (browser.newtab.url replacement) Pas de redémarrage

This add-on brings back the ability to change the page which is shown when opening a new tab.

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