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Youtube Auto HD

Youtube Auto HD & Remove Ads

Consider donate BitCoin : 1LVWsJ4uwz5cjE5fGi8PpBHTgyQzfAng7j

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Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox

A simple, clean and easy-to-use FREE Firefox extension for video download and Flash download. Supports Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems and the latest Mozilla Firefox. Now Supports Mozilla Firefox 4 and English, Spanish, Chinese language.

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Youtube AutoPlay Stopper

YouTube AutoPlay Stopper will stop your YouTube videos from auto-playing. Sometimes it can be annoying when you open a bunch of videos you want to watch and they all start playing at the same time. This addon stops all that from happening :)

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Netflix Plus

Adds links to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) on the netflix website,
and clear text titles beneath thumbnails.

Adds list of recent searches - can be used as watchlist.

Easy links to the netflix website: Home/ Recently Watched / Just for Kids

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Conduit aka Send to Mobile

Like the "Chrome to Phone" app for Android this Addon sends text, links, images and Google Maps from your browser to mobile device. Works on all devices and sends content with SMS or Email. Coming soon: iOS and Symbian^3 apps

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The Load2Mobile add-on will display an icon next to supported music files on any web site that you're browsing. Just click the icon, type in your phone number, and click "Send" and the file will be sent instantly to your mobile phone!

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YouTube MP3 Converter

Adds a download button to YouTube. By clicking on it you can download the video as a high quality mp3 file. . Visit our site: for more information.

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Radio Station Search Pas de redémarrage

Find your favorite online radio! The quickest way for searching internet radios using your favourite directory:,,,, StreamingThe.Net, Icecast, and Radionomy.

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Easy YouTube MP3 Downloader

This is an easy youtube to mp3 downloader which allows you to convert all youtube videos to mp3

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Watch UK TV

Watch UK TV channels via TV Catchup and iPlayer
+ now with tv guide

Watch any of 58 UK freeview channels live streamed right in your browser.
BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 ,Channel Five, Film 4, Dave etc

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Canvas - Make your own Firefox theme Pas de redémarrage

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Canvas - Add any photo from your PC, or any image from the web, to your browser. It's an easy way to create a personalized browser.

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facePaste Reloaded

Bugfix of the original facePaste. The original doesen't work with Firefox 36

Fell free to make a paypal donation:

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Dead Link Checker -

Checks Free File Hosts for Link Status with right-click menu.

Works with selected (highlighted) text & clickable links.

Rapidshare, 4shared, Zippyshare, Zshare, LetitBit, Badongo, Filefront, Speedyshare, Uploading, BigUpload, YouSendIt & many more!

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Video Pinner Pas de redémarrage

Pins a YouTube video to the page so that it is always visible while you scroll and read comments. Port of Chrome's Video Pinner extension

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Скачать Музыку ВКонтакте

Хочешь скачать музыку из ВКонтакте бесплатно? Скачивайте песни со своей страницы ВКонтакте в один клик! Вы можете скачать любую аудиофайл с любой страницы на Полученную музыку вы сможете как проиграть на компьютере, так и закачать в телефон.

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Imgur to Filmot Pas de redémarrage

Changes all imgur links to filmot links in web pages.

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Music Buddy Pas de redémarrage

Let's you listen to thousands of songs just by simply typing in a name.

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Download Videos From YouTube

Download Videos From YouTube is the simple way to download YouTube videos on the fly. Download YouTube videos by clicking a button underneath videos in YouTube. Save YouTube videos and songs in 1080p (HD) MP4 or FLV format.

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Fire Launcher

Launching Applications while you are browsing has never been this easy.

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Add Back Instagram Integration to Twitter

Add-on to add inline Instagram images to Twitter.

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