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Better Facebook

This extension lets you browse in facebook with one click! Not just a new tab. The entire site in a little panel! If you need facebook at the fast you should use this extension for the firefox browser!

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Gizoogle Requires Restart

Make all websites sound like Snoop Dogg, fo'rizzle mah nizzle. Based on the 2005-2008 website gizoogle. com. (STRONG LANGUAGE)

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LolByte: League of Legends Summoner Search

Powered by Riot's Official API, quickly view detailed information about a summoner all within a lightweight extension.

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Sportingbet Български

Достъп до Sportingbet

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Youtube to Mp3 | Mp3Grabby

Download Youtube to Mp3 with a single click.

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NoBBB Requires Restart

Quer bloquear textos que postam relacionados ao Big Brother? O addon NoBBB bloqueia e permite que voce veja se quiser!

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Lingapp Requires Restart

Z Lingapp poznajesz i zapamiętujesz nowe angielskie słowa – dokładnie te, których potrzebujesz.

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YouLoop Requires Restart

A lightweight Loop-Button embedded into the YouTube ButtonBar.

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Free SMS Gratis

Free International SMS. No Registration or login required!
Enjoy using this free service.

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在右键添加小米路由器下载菜单, 为用户提供远程发起将媒体文件下载到小米路由器的功能。

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RotoGrinders Basketball Reference

This extension from adds Daily Fantasy score columns to the Per Game and Per 36 Minutes stat tables on Currently supports scoring for FanDuel, DraftStreet, DraftKings, and StarStreet.

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YouTubeButton Requires Restart

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to YouTube, Middle click to open YouTube in a new tab.

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Real gameplay video and recent reviews numbers on Steam!

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YouTube Enhance for Google Search

Play or download YouTube videos in Google Search Results. No need to go to YouTube.

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Mini Golf

Play Mini Golf directly from your browser.

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Tribal Wars Assistant Requires Restart

Tribal Wars Assistant assist free players of tribal wars to
1. easy navigation
2. auto farming
3. make map larger, analysis map easier
4. distance calculator
Add a lot more

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Odnoklassniki one click login Requires Restart

One click Odnoklassniki account access!

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Stoiberfy me

Zeigt Webseiten so ähm-äh an, wie sie ääääääähm Edmund Stoiber aussprechen würde.

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Angry Birds Games

Many Angry Birds Games to be played on-line

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YouTube™ Most Popular

A grid view of most pupular videos on YouTube.

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