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Transmission easy client

Transmission easy client - это дополнение позволяет легко интегрировать Transmission в браузер!

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Context Menu Image Saver

Save images to custom locations directly from the context menu.

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YouTube Download Plus

Download YouTube videos.

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小明牌电台工具 Redémarrage nécessaire


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Double-click Image Downloader

Double-click any image to download it quickly and quietly, or use the Single-click feature!

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list-it: take notes quickly! (listit, Redémarrage nécessaire

List-it is a fast, simple, 100% Free+Open Source (MIT License) note-taking tool for Firefox. Designed by a research group at MIT, List-it lets you quickly take short notes to yourself + quickly access them whenever and wherever you need em.

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SettingSanity Redémarrage nécessaire

Re-adds the options to disable Images, JavaScript, and the Tab Bar in about:preferences and the Options window.

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Save Image in Folder Redémarrage nécessaire

Easily save images in personally customized...

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Free OmniGraffle (.graffle) Viewer

Open your OmniGraffle files for free

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Drag de Go Redémarrage nécessaire

This extension allows you to execute several commands (lik open link,save link,search selected text) by the direction you drag and drop...

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ZotFile Redémarrage nécessaire

Zotero plugin to manage your attachments: automatically rename, move, and attach files to Zotero items, sync PDFs from your Zotero library to your (mobile) PDF reader (e.g. an iPad, Android tablet, etc.) and extract annotations from PDF files.

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Location Navigator Redémarrage nécessaire

Location Navigator is an extension that lets you grab a location, select a portion of the location that varies, and then navigate up or down from that starting...

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Shelve Redémarrage nécessaire

Use filename templates to quickly (or automatically) save web pages/images/links/selected text to pre-defined folders.

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Adds a download progress bar and active downloads count to the Firefox icon on the launcher in Unity

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Free Visio Viewer (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Open your Microsoft Visio files for free

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Simple YouTube MP3 Button Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Adds a small and simple button to YouTube videos that allows you to quickly download the audio of the video as an MP3 file (quality of the MP3 is as high as the video offers) without having to leave the page.

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OutWit Hub Redémarrage nécessaire

Legacy version (get latest on OutWit Hub contains dozens of recognition and extraction features to ease your Web searches and organize your collections. Automatically browse through pages, collect and format the information you seek...

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Ouvrir dans le navigateur Redémarrage nécessaire

Offre la possibilité d'ouvrir les documents dans la fenêtre du navigateur.

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Text MultiCopy Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Copy Text multiple times before pasting

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Vk Music Sync

Это дополнение позволяет синхронизировать ваш плейлист в соцсети ВКонтакте с любой вашей папкой на диске. (Временно не работает, VK сменил стиль)

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