Countdown Timer

Timer for countdown

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HTML to Text

Extract Text from HTML code and make the content more readable than code

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FoxLocation Redémarrage nécessaire

Know exactly where resides the server that's hosting the site you are looking at, with a simple click you can perform various tests on it! FoxLocation gives you informations on "that site's server" and gives you the power of DNSQueries tests!

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Better WKW Redémarrage nécessaire

Fasst die Personen die online sind in der Sidebar zusammen.

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Error Pages Redémarrage nécessaire

This extension is based on errorzilla. Simplified and extended.

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Strict Compatibility Opt-in Test Addon

This is an example addon demonstrating the strictCompatibility opt-in option.

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ProxifyMyFox Redémarrage nécessaire

This addon allows you to redirect all request throug our Glype-system, which is hosted on dedicated canadian servers. Privacy guaranteed.

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Blocker for Absurd News Redémarrage nécessaire

Block/Unblock news that you don't wish to see on

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FixScroll Redémarrage nécessaire


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DSBMarks Redémarrage nécessaire

DSBMarks allows automated bookmark organization through a simple button on the statusbar. When clicked, it creates nested folders with the current date, month and year, and adds the bookmark in the appropriate folder.

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BlockAds Ultimate

Block AD bloque toutes les publicités automatiquement.
Naviguez anonymement sur internet et bloquer toutes les publicités, les malwares et trackers.
Fonctionne sur tous les sites y compris youtube et facebook.

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Print Edit WE

Print Edit WE provides facilities to edit the contents of a web page prior to printing or saving. Elements in the web page can be edited, formatted, hidden or deleted. Unwanted content, such as adverts and sidebars, can easily be removed.

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TTFC - Share-cash Survey Bypasser Redémarrage nécessaire

Skips surveys on sharecash if they irritate you.

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Search Engine Manager

Manage your search engines in the Extension Manager.

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Website Blocker - blocage de sites Web Redémarrage nécessaire

Everyone needs this add-on!
Block websites you don't want the browser to get into.
Block by a whole domain name or a specific address.
Block until further notice or until a certain date.

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Makes adding files to easier. Just highlight links on any webpage and click the button.

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Interactive Weather Theme

This theme dynamically changes based on local weather conditions, forecasts and other info from WeatherBug and a multimedia sidebar.

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Ez Sidebar Redémarrage nécessaire

This make the sidebar undocked (floating).

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Color code individual characters on pages you view -- induce color-graphemic synesthesia

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Video Blocker

An add-on which allows you to block certain videos on YouTube

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