JavaScript on-off applet

Applet for JavaScript simple On/Off

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Image and Flash Blocker

Permet à l'utilisateur de bloquer des images ou des éléments instantanés à une page.

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Website Blocker - blocage de sites Web

Everyone needs this add-on!
Block websites you don't want the browser to get into.
Block by a whole domain name or a specific address.
Block until further notice or until a certain date.

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Show Profile

Display profile hint on window title or customized locations (with or without individual icon).

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UI Eraser Pas de redémarrage

Hide Firefox User Interface.

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Customize FireFox title bar (window title) that is useful for software such as KeyPass for automating log on to various websites based on specific domain, URL, etc.

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Exit Button Firefox

Adds a toolbar button to exit Firefox...

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Get Styles Pas de redémarrage

Смена тем и оформлений ВКонтакте.
После установки в меню вконтакте появится кнопка «Галерея тем» и там можно выбрать и применить любую понравившуюся тему.

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This wizard creates an XPI that rebrands Firefox, SeaMonkey or Thunderbird. You can change the brand name as well as the brand images and icons.

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Tabs on Bottom (Australis) Pas de redémarrage

Bring back tabs on bottom feature !

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Advanced Locationbar

Linkifies URL segments in your Location bar. Fork of Locationbar² and Locationbar³ with bugfixes. Includes support of Internationalized Domain Names and separate linkification of domain and subdomain.

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Skynet Pas de redémarrage

Eine Erweiterung für OGame

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TextMarker Go

Allows to highlight the selected text.
1) three customizable colors for highlight
2) highlight functions as bookmarks
3) hotkeys for highlight selected text, remove highlights, and jump to highlighted text.

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DarkenBackground Pas de redémarrage

replace white or very bright background on webpages with slightly darker colors

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DownThemAll! v3+ Windows 8,10 fix Pas de redémarrage

Fixes DownThemAll! v3+ manager window style on Windows 8,10
It works with v3.0b6 and nightly builds.

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YouTube™ Dark Pas de redémarrage

A Dark and Smooth YouTube™ theme.

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New Add-on Bar

Restore add-on bar which was removed in the Australis theme.

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Label your Firefox browser windows with mnemonic titles. Find the Firefox window you're looking for, fast...

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Developer Edition theme enabler Pas de redémarrage

Enables the DevEdition theme on beta or release, and adds an entry in the Appearance's tab. Uninstalling this add-on removes the DevEdition theme from the add-on manager.

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Menu Wizard En vedette

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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