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Javascript Deminifier par Ben Murphy

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15 604 utilisateurs

This addon will deminify javascript before it is downloaded. This is useful when using firebug to debug a javascript application that uses javascript that has been minified.

Flash Killer par Nicolas Martin

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10 368 utilisateurs

Supprimer d'un clic tous les contenus Flash de la page en cours, en conservant l'espace occupé.

GrabMyBooks par Thomas

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7 100 utilisateurs

Grab content from web sites and feeds into an ePub / mobi file for your eBook reader.
Create your own newspapers with news from all over the world.

Docs Online Viewer par Deekshith Allamaneni

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2 943 utilisateurs

Docs Online Viewer provides a convenient method to open online documents/files of any format (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, RTF, ODT, ODP, CSV etc.) using Google Docs & Zoho Viewer directly in your browser eliminating the need of any additional plugins.

Floff par Andrzej Lis

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383 utilisateurs

Flash On/Off restartless button without Jetpack (4.4 kB)

Search Sidebar for Firefox par Paul Millar

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881 utilisateurs

Bringing advanced search back to Firefox ...

Google plus Search Plugin par LOGECT

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18 téléchargements hebdomadaire

Google+ Plus (Social Network) Find People

Stop Internet Censorship! par Rob

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62 utilisateurs

Plugin which blocks all domains who are lobbying for pushing SOPA through legislation.

Find on Google+ 1.0 par Till Walther

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Find on Google+ is a search plugin for the Firefox search bar. You can search for Google+ content and people without opening the Google+ website first.

Flixster par Gx7

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Flixster: Search Actor, Movie, Director

The Flixster Search add-on is a quick way to look up movies, actors and directors in

Plugin works on any version of Mozilla Firefox.
Compatible for IE 7 and up. Auto populate On.

IPv6 Google Search par _OOZIE_

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An OpenSearch plugin for Google on IPv6.

Got IPv6 connectivity? Be one of the first Internauts to use as your default search engine!

Droid Manager par Droid Manager

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44 utilisateurs

Droid Manager connects your smartphone to your computer - and vice versa. If you want to send a link, a location or a note, use the Droid manager Add-on - easily with one click. In addition, the plugin you informed about the status of the smartphone. Toolbar Button par zappos

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Get instant access to with this plugin. Benefit from exclusive shortcuts to new and popular products and easy browsing for your favorite shopping categories. That way you can quickly access shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, and more!

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