722 notes
  • Seems to work sometimes. Not terribly bad.
  • very irritating to install, didn't work; used to work fine; make it work; too bad, will find other solution
  • good
  • Working nicely after setting of nodejs and ffmpeg options, merging not always working though, requires manual intervention at times...
  • Nice Danke
  • wow kereen bangeet
  • l'Add On Marche tres bien sur la nouvelle mise a jour de Firefox
  • sehr gut
  • nenabízí stažení kompletního videa (audio+video v jednom), takže si to strčte do prdele
  • When looking for a YouTube downloader, you should look for a few things:

    1) It's completely free
    2) It doesn't require a shady 3rd party executable
    3) It doesn't advertise to you
    4) It actually works
    5) It doesn't access all your data

    This is literally the only program that I could find that does all these things. Good program.
    (It does require FFmpeg for HQ videos, but everyone should have FFmpeg installed anyway. It's open source and safe)
  • It does not work.
    It asks to install other software.
  • Took a little while to get it set up (installing the add'l items to DL HD videos)..the instructions aren't great. But once I did, it works PERFECTLY.