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Klemens Schölhorn


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Pourquoi le module YouTube ALL HTML5 a-t-il été créé ?

YouTube used to require Flash for most of its videos. I thought this discriminated against users who cannot or don't want to install Flash, so I decided to create this addon from scratch to enable playback of all videos on YouTube only with the help of HTML5 and JavaScript, by forcing YouTube to use it's HTML5 player.

Today YouTube defaults to HTML5 in many recent browsers, so the other features of the addon like forcing the quality and size of videos are the main features now.

Recently some features were added that allow users that block cookies to comfortably use YouTube.

Thanks to

  • Raylan Givens for the IE hint
  • Alexander Schlarb for his work to support click_to_play
  • Alex Szczuczko for implementing "pause on start"
  • Timendum for his work on embedded videos
  • Jeppe Rune Mortensen and Yonezpt for their work on YouTubeCenter

Prochaine étape pour YouTube ALL HTML5

Please do not use reviews for bugreports. The problem is that I cannot contact you directly if I have any further questions. Just write me an email or open an issue in the github issue tracker. Thank you!

You can follow the development of this addon on github. Upcoming features can be seen and suggested in the github issue tracker.
If you want to contribute code, you can either submit a pull-request on github or send me a patch via email.

If you want to donate some change, feel free to use the donate feature on this site to donate via PayPal. Alternatively you could also send some coins to 1DKY5AKMhsk71pzE4xxREbJbxS2z87JXSy.

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