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  • Your extension doesn't work at all. And also there should be a different way to get the pop up rather than to hover over.

  • Doesn't appear to work anymore, youtube videos show 'error' when attempting to pop up.

  • Does not work in FF22.

  • Super!

  • The Maxthon have a addon like this but better and work on ever site. If you want popup the video you can, no matter where you are.
    Hava a demostration of him on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyhXm9kZBC0)
    google it "Maxthon 3 Browser: Pop-up video and Resource Sniffer".

    Anyway the idea is good just missing becoming more functional.
    Thank you for share.

  • lightweight addon @14kb , but i prefer opera for videos

    Pls merge your addon with youtube tooltip

  • Add-on YouPop conflict with the add-on of HTTPS Everywhere. The conflict takes place on the site vk.com. When you walk in to your account and then go to the menu links or other references, me throw out from my account. If you turn off one of these two additions - problem disappears.

    Конфликт YouPop с дополнением HTTPS Everywhere. Конфликт происходит на сайте vk.com.
    Когда входишь в аккаунт и нажимаешь на ссылки меню или на другие ссылки (например хочешь перейти в анкету друга), то выкидывает из аккаунта и приходится входить под логином в анкету снова.
    По отдельности эти два дополнения не мешают навигации на vk.com.

  • Useful, I use it everyday. It make appear a pop-up non intrusive youtube video player when you point a youtube link. Thank you for developing it. Can you add support for youtu.be links ?

  • Really nice!

  • Подскажите как сделать на весь экран во всплывающем окошке.

  • great addon.
    who use youtube should have it

  • Супер!!!

  • excellent thanks a lot keep it up

  • Makes it very easy to take a quick view of a video or watch the whole thing. Easy peezy.

  • it is great idea but useless, because i cant control it in popup, hope you will fix it in near future. i really like it, please, fix it :P

  • popup gets closes when I trying to move the mouse arrow on to the popup video... pls hlp!?

  • Yey!!!!! Thanks for updating ine of the best addons xD
    Keep it up!

  • Nevermind I moved to Opera where I can do this and still use all of my greasemonkey scripts/userscripts and add-ons! xD

    My Youtube videos play on top of all my other tabs 24/7 with no embedded video is not allowed errors either.

  • This add-on is good, but can you add hotkey+click preview and fullscreen button(and maybe other options)?

  • Is it possible to get some options for YouPop?I really would like to set up a pop up delay. Actually it's to annoying to see how often YouPop unwanted pops up on all sites - especially YouTube.I often have to click trice on a link before he opens in a new tab or in the same tab. A adjustable delay would make it work perfect in my opinion.I've searched so long for a good preview addon/script like yours. And I think it is one of the best solutions. With more improvements it would be much more better. So far. Thanks for work.

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    Yes I do plan to make it customizable. I've just been kind of busy lately. I'll work on it whenever I get the time. Thanks!

  • Firefox reply that could not install.Possible corrupt hash or invalid file.5 stars for the idea,but i hope that the author will resolve this big issue.

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    Could you tell me what Firefox version you're using? I just checked on beta 7 and 3.6.12 and it seems to be working fine. Thanks!

    EDIT: This might help http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=658216

  • the idea of this addon is very good. also, what i see for now is very good.however, the preview window closes as soon as i hover it. thus, i cannot adjust the volume, etc...

    *EDIT* forget what i said :D

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  • Very useful ;)