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So, what is the ALTERNATIVE to Xmarks? It has worked for years in Firefox. I felt it was THE best bookmarks sync add-on. However, it no longer works properly in Firefox 56 and I doubt it will work properly in FF 57. Basically, the login function mal-functions. It is unable to remember that I have already logged in. I get reminded by Xmarks to re-log in about every 30 minutes... constantly, all day long. It is irritating and absurd. Once you re-log in, it does one sync and then forgets you logged in.

I requested help from the developer and they advised me to try the BETA version available on their website. I have informed the developer and they acknowledge there is a problem but seem unable or unwilling to fix it. Perhaps more 1-star reviews will persuade them to get Xmarks working again.

IF you want to try the BETA version designed for Firefox 57 (currently, got to: If you run into issues (like I have) while using the latest beta build, please send us them feedback and request that they FIX it.

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Right now, after days of trying and testing, I find that Xmarks 4.4.xx no longer works with Firefox 56. I have tried the Beta version and find that it works with FF 56, BUT... it constantly forgets that you are logged into it. As long as you are willing to be constantly nagged about logging in to sync your bookmarks, it seems to work. Very frustrating. I have sent feedback to the developer... you should to if you care about this addon.

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I've used Xmarks for more than 15 years. Xmarks is the best bookmarks manager I have found. I store a lot of bookmarks in folders in Firefox as my primary browser and I want them to show up in Safari when I use it. I also want my bookmarks to show up on my iPhone and iPad.

However, Xmarks can present challenges. First, syncing between Safari and Firefox requires monitoring the two sets of bookmarks and being careful they match up. Often, the "Favorites" in Safari will get out of sync with Firefox and it will take some effort to re-match them.

Second, getting my bookmarks to show up accurately on my iPhone and iPad is problematic. Since the bookmarks on my phone and iPad are driven by what Safari stores in iCloud, it is critical to make sure my Safari Favorites match my Firefox bookmarks. Sometimes, I have to wipe the Favorites saved on my phone and iPad first to get them to update.

Net, it takes some concentrated effort periodically to get my bookmarks to fully and accurately sync between Firefox and Safari AND across my laptop, iPhone and iPad... but it can be done with Xmarks. Without Xmarks, it simply would not happen.

2/18/17 - Update -- I recently tried Google Chrome and discovered that Xmarks not only works on Chrome, but it significantly FASTER than on Firefox. Why??

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Generally the best Bookmarks Utility Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I've used this add-on for years. It's truly great. The ability to go back in history and find a missing folder of bookmarks has saved my butt numerous times.

Having interacted quite a bit with the development team (to get help on issues), my sense is that this seemingly simple task is rather complicated. For example, the sister version "Xmarks for Safari" had several persistent flaws that only recently have been resolved. Net, it really does help to stay current with the latest version.

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I've been a big fan of Xmarks for a long time. I've relied on it for syncing my bookmarks between 3 browsers. When Firefox 11.0 was released, Xmarks started causing Firefox to freeze EVERY time I did a manual update. I have uninstalled all other extensions to isolate this issue. Each time I re-install Xmarks and attempt to do a manual sync, Firefox freezes part way through the sync process. I cannot use Firefox now when Xmarks is installed.

This needs to be fixed. Submitting this issue on the Get Satisfaction Forum used by Xmarks is totally useless. Hopefully, the developer will read this and respond.

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