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Every once in a while Xmarks randomly decides that one of my passwords is "inappropriate for the profile" anymore. It then throws a fit and refuses to sync at all until I log in to their website, go over all my passwords and manually add to all profiles the passwords that Xmarks decided to suddenly exclude. Unfortunately it only works when their web site is available (it isn't at the time I write this review).

And to add insult to injury, even when it does work, it doesn't sync passwords because they want you to get lastpass for that.

So, your passwords are uploaded to their server, some synchronization operation does occur there -- since it often fails -- but nothing is saved back to your machine? Smooth.

Avoid it.

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Two big problems with this add-on:

1) The password sync feature is being discontinued with the "suggestion" to use lastpass instead.
However, while xmarks was fairly inobtrusive, lastpass is a behemoth that is always in your face. No thanks.

2) Stability is almost nonexistent. Some time ago it stopped syncing, complaining that I added a password that was excluded in the profile and it will not sync AT ALL until the problem is resolved (no hint of what the password was for, mind you). The web help suggested enabling the password for the profile (by guessing, I assume) but any change in the inclusion/exclusion I tried to make resulted in an "An unknown synchronization error occurred."

No thanks.

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