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I would give this 0 stars if I could. I was ecstatic when I discovered Xmarks. "Here's a way to easily transport bookmarks between all computers!" I thought. My experience was different.

Initially, things went well. I was able to use my bookmarks on every computer -- super. However, several times now, my bookmarks on the server have become corrupted; say, it duplicated a bunch of them, so that you'd have twice as many, and all your bookmark folders would be empty. When your computer syncs with the server, it not only corrupts the bookmarks on your local computer, but further corrupts the bookmarks on the server. If you don't check your bookmarks constantly, it might be several days before you notice -- I noticed when my browser started crashing constantly on sync, because my corrupt bookmark file was huge.

The solution is to restore to a previous version of your bookmarks. But if you have to do that much regular maintenance work, why bother having a plug-in?!? Just export your bookmarks regularly and keep them in a file on a USB drive. Same functionality, far less hair-pulling frustration.

The sad part is this used to work flawlessly when it was Foxmarks. I don't know what changes were put into place or where, but it broke a decent add-on.

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