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Oh, forgot.. Mr.HyperC! :

-Thanks for your delicius add-on!

I admit feeling like a thief for not paying you Nothing At All after all those Years of "shouldn´t-have-made it-at-all-if-not-for-Xinha Here!"..

Story: Have used Xinha Here! for editing our webshop, which runs OsCommerce.

Its Xinha Here! that have made all those product descriptions possible......

Xinha Here! that have made it possible to update our news at our shop....

Xinha Here! that,..well, you get the picture...!
-even now, when Ive decided to move on to a new webshop - I notice
that I just can´t live on Without Xinha Here! : )

EVERYONE that had the ADVANTAGE of Xinha Here:

-Dig deep into your conscience...

Pretty PLS send atleast 5$ to this one dude! ok??

- I know I will!

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