69 critiques pour ce module
  • i liked this but cannot use it now , does not work anymore, could you update it for ff11 ?
    I might be able to, I am much busier now than I once was. At any rate, incompatibility with your version of Firefox is no reason to rate it 1 star!
  • I was using this theme for 2 years, love it. However when I upgraded to Linux Mint 11, the FF ver is 10.0.2*, no longer available. Can ya update it please.
  • On the whole, I love it. But there are two areas that require some attention. I'd like to see the status bar a darker color (like the task bar). I'd also like a new tab button built into the tabs themselves. That way I would not need to have one in my task bar and not have to use a keyboard shortcut.
  • I use this all the time. It's great. Good Job.
  • I'm actually really happy that I've finally found an Xbox 360 theme for FF. I'd been looking for one for awhile, then I forgot about it, then I happened to think of it while looking for themes earlier.

    The interface is really smooth looking and flows well, but one major thing that disappoints me is that it doesn't support Personas. Is there any chance you might incorporate that some time in the future, or is it a no go?
  • Taskbar. Dramatic changes should be.
  • "A theme created for 360 users, by a 360 user, with 360 buttons etc..."

    so there really are 360 buttons? WOW! THAT'S ALOT OF BUTTONS!!!!!!
  • This is by far the best theme i have come across!! :D Is there any hope for a Halo theme!! That would awesome! This get a 10 star even though we can only rate it 5.
  • Is It For Linux?
    It does work for the linux OS, yes. It is currently supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Is It For Linux?
  • not bad....
  • Definitely an X-Box fanatic, have a theme for my OS, and now for my browser. I like the X-Box icon for the bookmarks and how it turns when a page is loading. Thanks a million. Will be referring to my gaming buddies.
  • it should be xFox haha
  • If I had a xbox, I would download it (I used to)

    Now, is there a PS3 theme?
  • Pretty nice. Good job JakeyB. I want get a Xbox now too :)
  • Awesome Theme! Love the buttons. Great looking Theme!
  • I really like how the Xbox buttons are integrated as the home/back/foward/etc. buttons. It's very clean and bright and uncluttered. Well done! My only complaint is that there seems to be no refresh button. Anyway you could make one? Perhaps, you could use the Y button to symbolize. Just an idea.
    The refresh button is the green "A" button.
  • My husband is a huge Xbox fan so when I found this, I installed it on his Firefox while he was at work...thought it would be a cute lil surprise. I was right. He loved it! When he sowed our son (also big Xbox fan), he thought it was "awesome". Of course, he's 9 so...lol!
  • This theme owns (or shall I say pwns?) As a huge xbox 360 fangirl, I can only find one thing wrong with it. Please fix the right-click menu so it doesn't look like a Windows Classic menu. Also, the elite theme mentioned earlier sounds like a good idea.
    The right click menu should appear however it does normally, is your right click menu different when using other themes? \r\n\r\nPlease email me back, it\'s fine for me, but I run linux so it\'s handy to have people point out the bugs on Windows for me.
  • Great theme, but does not work properly with ChatZilla (channel toolbar at the bottom does not show up).
  • Nice job! Looks great with no known problems.

    Would like to see a black xbox theme however, could call it the xbox elite theme???
  • Amazing for Xbox users!!! But can you please make PS3/PSN theme???
  • An amazing theme for Firefox. It maintains the Firefox simplicity while adding a new and edgy Xbox 360 touch.
    The Xbox 360 buttons are very well done and it goes substantially well with any Xbox 360 operating system theme.

    However, I wouldn't mind seeing a version in darker colors. Possibly reflecting the original Xbox console system but that is a matter of style based on my current theme.