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  • очень хорошое расширение
  • Cупер!
  • Хороший функционал . 1 минус свои не могу добавить. A так их вобщем то хватает) Побольше бы psytrance!
    Update Нашёл! Минусов НЕТ) как добавить поток http://www.psychedelik.com/
    Почему не можете? Там для этого есть весь необходимый функционал
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  • I just moved to firefox from chrom, and I had a very nice radio that doesnt work good now. I added this today but I am missing one very important chanel and I cannot add chanels manually so I am not so happy about it- I will remove it
  • My favorite is IndoRadio Berlin. Incredible! Anything from Iceland? I studied Icelandic years ago. I'd love to hear it.

    I'm also interested in knowing if there is a way to determine if certain radio stations are news channels exclusively. I'm interested in hearing the spoken languages, not the music. Is there some sort of tagging mechanism in place to locate particular types of radio stations? Thanks.
  • Looks good but does not have the stations I am looking for and the most popular stations in my country ....

    Edit: Sweden. Thanks in advance +1
    Tell me your a country name please