554 notes
  • I just moved to firefox from chrom, and I had a very nice radio that doesnt work good now. I added this today but I am missing one very important chanel and I cannot add chanels manually so I am not so happy about it- I will remove it
  • My favorite is IndoRadio Berlin. Incredible! Anything from Iceland? I studied Icelandic years ago. I'd love to hear it.
  • Looks good but does not have the stations I am looking for and the most popular stations in my country ....

    Edit: Sweden. Thanks in advance +1
    Tell me your a country name please
  • Great job!
  • Full of Adds.

    Such an Addon should be free of adds, because the radio stations itself have already enough adds.
    It's really a shame, because the addon as such is not that bad, but the f*cking adds destroys it all.

    Not recommended!